who is this lady even?

jenny morrissey is producer for web and television who despises writing in third person, but she'll do it for you.

jenny began at the colbert report, where she spent five years. she was hired as a production assistant, and promoted to production coordinator and associate field producer. she left to produce videos for the nonprofit donorschoose.org, a crowdfunding site for public school classrooms. deciding two years of giving back would likely repay her moral debts, jenny returned to television production, and has been producing pilots and series for web and television since.

she was a field and story producer at the hbo series wyatt cenac's problem areas, as well as the netflix series patriot act with hasan minhaj. most recently she produced season four of the netflix series my next guest needs no introduction with david letterman.

(it's also weirdly important to her that you know her name is jenny, not jennifer.)

awards / affiliations

peabody award winner, producers guild of america member, "most improved" girls varsity swim team member.